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My Life

Loved By Few, Hated By Many, Feared By All

10/9/19 07:02 pm

Tobacco use is a custom loathsome to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, dangerous to the lungs, and in the black stinking fume thereof, nearest resembling the horrible Stygian smoke of the pit that is bottomless.

5/25/19 01:35 pm

The Catholic Church was founded in 33 AD. The Protestant Church was founded in 1517. Let that sink in. Jesus Christ created the Catholic Church. Man created the Protestant Church. You have no history. You have no lineage. You have no connection to the original apostles.

5/6/19 02:38 am

The Vatican should have a dress code for people visiting Saint Peter's Square. Only clothes from the 13th century should be allowed. I fucking hate modern clothes. I hate how everything these days has to be "t-shirts" and "blue jeans".

5/6/19 02:13 am

Fuck the NRA. Fuck the Second Amendment.

5/6/19 01:39 am

The Nazis were evil they wanted to take over the world. Oh wait that was the British and French.

5/6/19 01:11 am

Is it honestly that hard to draw out some borders that actually make sense? We need to give all the Serb majority lands to Serbia, Croat majority lands to Croatia, Bosniak majority lands to a new independent Bosniak republic, and Albanian majority lands to Albania. A Serb ethnostate, a Croat ethnostate, a Bosniak ethnostate, and an Albanian ethnostate. Dividing up the former Yugoslavia isn't that hard. The only thing stopping it is "muh sovereignty".

5/5/19 11:36 am

Where do nations come from? Nations in a real and healthy sense come from a tribe of people of a common heritage and background who have a genetic reaction to their environment over hundreds of thousands of years, they develop characteristics and a nation is formed.

5/5/19 10:47 am

The Jews are God's chosen people and they deserve our support. We need to help the Jewish people build the Third Temple. Adam, Noah, Abraham, David, and Jesus were Jews. Arabs and Muslims have enough fucking land. You should be happier Israel isn't bigger than what it is right now you fucking ungrateful enemies of God. The REAL borders of Israel are supposed to stretch from the Nile to the Euphrates. I hate how liberals automatically side with the Palestinians because they have brown skin. I've noticed whenever there's a conflict in the world liberals always side with whoever has the darker skin because they automatically assume they're the victims.

5/5/19 08:36 am - Rejected By Society

Look at that guy oppressing those girls with his evil white male Christian privilege. Absolutely disgusting. #MeToo #GirlPower

5/3/19 01:09 pm - The Baby Boomers Are Fucking Scum

I'm sick of being told I have to "respect my elders". I don't owe these baby boomers an ounce of respect. They're the reason America has no morality today. They're the reason homelessness and drug abuse is everywhere. They're the reason there's no manufacturing jobs in America. They're the ones who raised most of the people alive today and they did a shitty job.

5/3/19 11:39 am

The Bible is instructions on how to run a society. It contains commandments not suggestions. Historically religion has never been this individual personal thing like it's being treated as today. The entire point of religion was how to run a society.

4/27/19 06:14 am

Bill Clinton deported more people than George W. Bush. Barack Obama deported more people than Donald Trump. Why do Republicans suck at deporting people despite talking about it nonstop? Honestly it seems like the Democrats are more right-wing than the Republicans on most issues.

4/25/19 08:55 am

Shoutout to all my Libras. Astrology is real by the way. It's real but it's dangerous.

4/25/19 08:54 am

Beer was created by the upper class to keep the lower classes from rebelling against them by keeping them drunk, unhealthy, stupid, and complacent.

4/24/19 07:52 pm

My Hungarian Catholic ancestors fighting to keep Muslims and foreigners out of their country in 1456. What was their problem? Why were they so racist? Didn't they know diversity is a strength?

4/23/19 08:26 pm

I know magic bitch. Don't fuck with me. I'm a wizard. Gandalf and Dumbledore don't got shit on me.

4/17/19 05:13 pm - Defend The Faith

If you know for a fact that your religion is 100% true and other religions are false. Why should you tolerate them? Does a scientist tolerate pseudoscience? No he doesn't. I don't blame religious extremists and fundamentalists for what they do. They're literally just following their religions the way they were intended instead of conforming to the trends of the modern world.

4/17/19 05:10 pm - Deus Vult

The Crusades was real Christianity. Not this pussy ass shit we see today. Catholics need to start fighting for their religion like they did in the old days instead of sitting back and waiting for God to intervene. Sometimes God's intervention is synergistic and requires our participation.

9/10/18 03:02 pm - This is my favorite band

They're from Hungary. Their name translates to "Romantic Violence".

9/10/18 02:59 pm - Capitalism

Why can't we have a system where everyone is taken care of and entitled to a home? We have millions of vacant homes and buildings in the US. Why doesn't the government take these vacant homes from these greedy ass baby boomers and give them to the poor? Instead we have "capitalism" and we tell homeless people everything bad in their lives is their own fault. If we lived in a true "meritocracy" all positions in society would be determined by test scores that anyone could take at any time. Instead we have "capitalism".

6/17/18 07:55 am

Why does our society demand people go to college for 4 years to learn "skills" that have nothing to do with the jobs they end up getting? Why does our system pretend people in college know things that we don't? If anything they probably know less. I'll tell you why. Because the powers running everything only want people who will blindly swallow their propaganda in positions of even moderate power and privilege, and they want an easy way to discredit anyone who challenges their bullshit.

6/17/18 07:55 am

How come Asian Americans are able to succeed despite white privilege and institutional racism but other races aren't?

8/29/17 02:13 pm

When are Democrats gonna learn how to actually debate instead of yelling the word racist over and over. That doesn't work anymore. It didn't stop Trump from getting elected. The Democratic Party needs to rethink its entire platform if it wants to win the next election. It needs to work with white people and Christians not against them.

4/14/17 10:27 am - Fake Martial Arts

11/30/15 05:03 am

I'm one of the most innocent people in the world but I get treated like one of the most guilty.

11/30/15 05:01 am

Megy a boksz. Szakad a száj. Roppan a csont. Törik az orr. Reped a borda. Fröccsen a vér.

9/13/15 10:36 am

Time's passing by but you don't seem to care as long as you're alright in your self-centered world. What if your life is wrong? What if Jesus is right?

8/31/15 11:00 am

Children of darkness. Children of light. Violent actions of the bad people. Silence and indifference of the good people. Our generation will have to repent.

4/16/15 06:01 pm

I can't stand when so called "Christian" women end up choosing some of the most un-Christian men imaginable.

3/29/15 09:41 am

There's a conspiracy to prevent intelligent men from reproducing. Meanwhile retarded people get to have 10 kids. The Fortune 500 companies brainwash the girls using fluoride, atrazine, and chemtrails into wanting this "chad" thing. Because they want to dumb down the population and make them easier to control.

11/23/14 07:43 am

I've come to dazzle you and sweep you off your feet.

11/23/14 07:42 am

Superficial people never like to admit they're superficial. They cling to ideas like "auras", "vibes", and other unproven paranormal psychic phenomena when the reality is they're shallow and they determine your worth based entirely on your facial dimensions. I discriminate against people all the time because of their faces. Not their clothes, not their haircuts, not their body language, but their faces. If I can admit this why can't you?

11/23/14 07:37 am

Pretty Hate Machine represents my life.

11/23/14 07:36 am - Fuck George Soros and fuck round Earth

I can no longer sit back and allow George Soros infiltration, George Soros indoctrination, George Soros subversion, and the international George Soros conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

10/26/14 11:50 am

How cucked is your country?

10/3/14 11:18 am

Why is the third Xbox called the Xbox One? Were they smoking crack when they came up with that name?

10/2/14 12:17 am

I never ask anyone to do anything for me that I wouldn't do for them.

10/2/14 12:17 am

Just because you have the knowledge to do something doesn't mean you have the ability and just because you have the ability doesn't mean you have the knowledge.

9/14/14 05:56 am

The truth is you don't know anyone's ability until they perform and if you pick someone last they're not gonna apply themselves as hard as someone who gets picked first.

9/14/14 05:19 am

History books are written by liars. History is a fable conceived in self-serving deceit and promulgated by those who perceive benefits.

6/25/14 06:51 pm

I'll never be silenced and that's a fact.

6/15/14 12:56 pm

We're not judged based on our words and actions. We're judged based on our perceived race, perceived religion, perceived sexual orientation, and perceived mental illness. There is no "first impression". There is no "game". There is no "doing the right moves". There is no "go and lift weights". There is no "become chad". There is no choice because women don't make their own choices. There is only technological programming. Nothing natural here. Just cutting edge technology. Chemtrails. Vaccines. MTV. Fluoride. Atrazine. People will lie and deny these facts over and over though to make it feel like we live in a meritocracy with a level playing field when the reality is it's the complete opposite. So why do they lie? Because it feels good. It makes them feel like they get the "last laugh".

6/12/14 04:55 pm

When someone asks me "what's the best sword". My response is, "best sword for what". Hitting armor, hitting flesh, cutting plants, sawing, stabbing, cutting, execution, dueling, what? I like to compare swords with cooking knifes. The thing about cooking knives is there's so many. Each knife has a different shape and a different purpose. Bread knife, chef's knife, steak knife, paring knife, santoku knife, cleaver, etc. Chefs prepare food for a living. If you think they just randomly decided "this shape is best for cutting bread" you're a fucking moron. Also most otakus seem shocked when I mention this one invention called a shield. Some of them are like "our katana can cut through it" while others vaguely explain how they can somehow maneuver around it even though they've never encountered one or trained against one before. Swords have a hard time defeating shields. It's basic physics. The shield is the whole reason the flail was invented. The Japanese never encountered enemies using shields therefore never developed their weapons to be used against shields. But go ahead and continue thinking a katana can cut other weapons in half, cut shields in half, and cut the barrel of a gun in half. Such sentiments are commonly held by anime watchers, RPG players, and those who rely on movies as their main source. On an average Japanese battlefield almost no one would be using a katana and very few of the soldiers were samurai. Most of the fighting was done by peasants who would be using bows, spears, or even guns. The samurai were the aristocracy and most of them sat on their asses with their expensive swords and costumes while peasants under their command fought. The peasants didn't use swords, they used spears. Here are some simple facts. 1. There is no video or written evidence that the katana can cut solid steel or do other "magical" things we keep hearing, but there are thousands of historical katanas in collections with bent and chipped blades. 2. There is no metallographic evidence that katanas are somehow different to other steel swords in the world. 3. There is no evidence that Chinese, Koreans, Mongols, and Europeans were impressed by Japanese swords and bought them in huge amounts to replace their own "crude" swords. In fact just the opposite happened. During the Meiji Era, the Japanese police switched from using katanas to using European style sabers.

6/12/14 04:52 pm

Today we have legalized pornography. We have legalized abortion. We have a tremendous drug culture. We have crime on an unprecedented scale. And it's all evolution's fault. Saint Pope Pius X please pray for us.

6/12/14 04:30 pm - Thugs

I see all these people bragging about their crimes: cars they've stolen. females they've impregnated, drugs they've dealt, and they get rewarded by society. I've done nothing but follow rules. I've never broken a law in my life. I'm sick and tired of these thugs getting a pat on the back and people treating me like shit. We need to start treating people based on the amount of laws they follow. People who follow the law should be treated with respect and rewarded with money and female attention. That would be a true meritocracy. Not the shit we live in right now. I fucking hate all of these thugs regardless of their race.

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